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•Each of the presented works is related to the time period of one to three years from 1999 until now.
Each series is formed with a specific motivations, for example: my first work were influenced by the script of “wild strawberries “(Ingmar Bergman) and the meaning the text. In the second collection, childhood memories and in the third collection the influence of photos were created according of “punctum “(Roland Barthes) in the works.
After a one year hiatus from giving birth to my daughter in the fifth series showed my feelings about staying at home for a long time and every day affaires.
In the sixth and seventh series, my interests in portrait led me to do several courses with the subject and familiar portraits.
For a while, I spent more time teaching and study in the fields
of history and philosophy of art, and at the same time laws engaged in performing decorative the works in the eight collections are a kind of return to previous experience and subjects.
In recent years, in addition to contouring painting, by studying the theoretical issues of art I became interested in performing art works and using text a long side images.
I n the ninth and then collection I performed works with the influence of (Alain de Botton) text .